I, Demiurge

Entry 83

I was floating near the surface, feeding and daydreaming, when I had this funny thought: is the opposite reaction possible? I mean, there I was, synthesizing nutrients — some carbon, some water, sunlight — a simple chemical reaction. But could I do the opposite? Could I emit light instead?

Though I don’t know what would be the point of it. Sometimes I get weird ideas daydreaming.

Entry 84

I went to check out this new game called Echo Maze. It’s one of those places where you have to make your way through a coral maze with only one sense. They cover you in this special slime that blocks magnetoception, so if you close your eyes too you’ve got only echolocation to work with. It was actually a lot of fun, a mind-bending experience. I’ll have to tell Tau about it.

That idea I had the other day keeps playing on my mind — a cell reaction releasing light. I guess it would need to be some form of oxidation. It’s not that absurd, if you think about it.

Entry 85

I think chlorophyll is the key. I would need to modify the molecules a little, but in principle there is no reason why it couldn’t oxidize. And if it does, I think the reaction will be a luminescent one. I might try to experiment with it in my garden. If for no other reason than to see how it looks. Though of course I’d have to make sure it doesn’t impact the plant’s metabolism.

Tau came over today. I told him about the Echo Maze but he said it wasn’t his thing. He wants to see this new spec-sim about aliens. I don’t really like speculative pieces but he says this simulation’s getting very good reviews. I might go.

Entry 86

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