Little guilty pleasure

A while back, when the idea of publishing my stories moved from the realm of fantasy to that of speculative fiction, I begun researching publishing options and I stumbled across the Self-Publishing Podcast. And I got hooked.

The podcast is hosted by three indie writers: Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and David Wright. These guys are super prolific writers, they have lots of experience with self publishing and they love to share it. They also invite guests from across the indie community, discuss books, movies, and tv series (and though it’s not exactly The New York Review of Books, I did pick up some interesting suggestions). Sometimes they talk about writing craft and habits, often about authorpreneurship and marketing, and they make occasional moronic dick jokes.

Some criticize their show for being too self-centered, but I don’t mind. I find their enthusiasm infectious and their success inspiring. The podcast is about their creative journey, but it’s also loaded with self-publishing tips, and it’s just fun — dick jokes and all. It’s been my little guilty pleasure ever since.

I don’t remember exactly when I got the idea for the story about a struggling indie writer. Maybe it was the SPP episode where they discussed the changes in Amazon’s algorithm? Or maybe it was the one about planning versus pantsing? More likely it wasn’t any one particular moment at all.

One way or another, Little Guilt, self-published of course, is now available on Amazon (and soon from other retailers too). Thank you guys.

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