Blaming the tropics

I have a confession to make: I haven’t read anything over the last week, I haven’t watched anything, and hence I find myself without a subject for this week’s post.

It kills me, because I’ve been posting regularly once a week for over six months now. This blog became a good habit for me, an engagement that I have managed to keep even when I failed with my more creative endeavors. I’d hate to break the good spell.

So I’ve written a little verse as a subterfuge to avoid a full-on cop-out:

I’m stuck on an island in tropics With no books and no writing topics. It’s a piss-poor excuse, But with nothing to loose I’ll just post this and blame the tropics.

Yes, composing limericks is a wonderful diversion, if you happen to have too much time on your hands. And here’s my piss-poor excuse expressed in a more lyrical form of haiku:

Tropical island No bookshop No post

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