4000 weeks

Ink on paper, 2023
50cm x 60cm

This drawing was inspired by the concepts described by Oliver Burkeman in his book "Four Thousand Weeks. Time Management for Mortals."

An average lifespan of 80 years translates to roughly 4,000 weeks. The major hand of the timepiece in this drawing is pointing to my age at the time when I was working on it.

I designed this drawing digitally in order to work out the composition and the placement of all the elements. I then carried out multiple small-scale studies, choosing the medium and the shading style. Eventually, I settled on fine liner pens for the clockwork and a ballpoint pen for the organic parts. As a result, the shading of the mechanical elements was done in a more graphic hatching and cross-hatching style, while the heart and veins could have a softer shading.