I came to art in a roundabout way. After an MA in philosophy and a very short stint in corporate Singapore, I worked for many years as a graphic designer, specializing in book cover design. I lived the digital nomad's life and for a decade managed to escape winter.

It was only late into my thirties that I rediscovered my passion for the slow process of making intricate art. My parents like to remind me that, back in fourth grade, I spent a whole semester meticulously painting each individual petal on each individual flower of an apple tree in bloom. So perhaps the unhurried, deliberate art practice has always been the natural way for me.

Nowadays, I hide away on a small island on the west coast of Scotland, still taking occasional book cover commissions and spending most of my time at an easel, wielding a pen or a pencil.

While I don't have a degree in art, to say that I am self-taught would not be strictly accurate. I constantly improve my skills by taking online and in-person classes and I look to other artists who inspire me: Jono Dry, Luke Adam Hawker, Roberta Boffo, Kerby Rosanes, John Hendrix, and Seb Lester, among others.